Collaboration, Connection, and Community through Corporate Volunteerism

This October, two CVC-TC member companies will be working together on a beloved annual tradition. Every year since 2011, the Minnesota Twins and the Toro Company have partnered to rebuild a Twin Cities youth baseball or softball field in just one day.

This year’s field rebuild site will be West Minnehaha in St. Paul. Under the guidance of the Toro Sports Turf Managers and the Twins Grounds Crew, more than 60 Twins and Toro staff will tear up sod, level the playing surfaces of three different youth fields, rebuild pitching mounds, and more.

This event encompasses everything that makes corporate volunteerism so special: collaboration, connection, and community.

Collaboration: The Twins and Toro align perfectly in our desire to provide kids safe and beautiful places to play. This project works because Toro brings their incredibly knowledgeable Sports Turf Managers and Toro equipment, the Twins bring the excellent Target Field Grounds Crew and youth baseball and softball connections. Both companies bring employees ready to work hard to get the job done. Working alongside the city’s parks and recreation department, no one party is trying to control the process. It’s a true collaborative effort – take one of those groups out, and the project doesn’t happen.

Connection: The Toro Sports Turf Managers and the Twins Grounds Crew lead the build, which means that employees are directing their fellow employees. This opens up new communications channels and builds relationships between co-workers – where an accountant and a grounds crew member may not have many things to talk about over the course of a normal work day, now they are working together to measure base paths and determine how much more agrilime they need to bring to the infield. Twins and Toro employees also get a chance to meet and network over the course of the day.

And of course, Community: The ultimate goal of any corporate volunteer event is to make a difference. We leave each field rebuild with a tangible result – you can literally see the difference – but also with the knowledge that because of our work, a community has a safe and beautiful place where their kids can play the game we all love.

Stephanie Johnson
Senior Manager, Community Relations
Minnesota Twins Baseball Club