CVC October Member Survey Results

Thank you to the 13 Corporate Members and 5 Associate Members who completed our most recent “Pulse” survey. If you have ideas for survey questions for either corporate or associate members please submit them to
Corporate members:
Is your company conducting an employee giving campaign this fall? 
o 85% said yes
o 15% said no.
If yes, how has your company adjusted the campaign to accommodate remote employees and/or virtual activities?
Our campaign is much more scaled back this year, but we are transitioning to the United Way's new platform, Philanthropy Cloud for giving. We will still host a virtual lunch & learn (including delivering lunch to all that sign up), daily trivia, volunteer slots (both virtual and in person), and an online auction. We usually do teams and make it a fun competition, but we removed that element this year.
We hosted our events virtually - BINGO, Trivia, internal social network photo contest, online cribbage, online fitness classes, etc.
No in-person activities, no incentives, and fewer reminders - we ended up with more dollars raised than 2019, though fewer donors.
Our community action team of 20, divided into 5 teams to come up with 5 virtual activities that would resonate with our population. Our rally was held through Teams with speakers, video clips and audience participation. To wrap up our week-long event we held an outdoor, contactless, volunteer activity, with masks, to assemble care kits and pick up a hot to-go Thank You lunch from an onsite food truck. Even at 40 degrees we had a good turnout.
Virtual kick-offs, but otherwise our traditional model lends itself well to a virtual campaign.
It's been challenging. Our employee volunteerism numbers and hours are down this year. We've had limited participation in virtual volunteering - primarily b/c we haven't been coordinating company-sponsored events the same way we were with in-person events, rather just sharing options with employees. Our United Way Employee Giving campaign is currently ongoing so we will have to determine how participation will go this year.
Carpool cinema, virtual bingo, virtual cooking class, virtual paint and sip, virtual basket drawing, online silent auction, online puzzle competitions.
Yes - our campaign was mainly activated virtually with no in-person company sponsored events allowed, including volunteerism.
Associate members
Is your organization participating in any company employee giving campaigns this fall? 
o 80% said yes
o 20% said no.
If yes, please share examples of how your organization is involved.
We have done a few virtual presentations for organizations who are running employee giving campaigns.
We will have larger group opportunities in December to help with our toy distribution events. Generally we can only accommodate groups of 5-10 for our ongoing opportunities.
Virtual events
Our team has collaborated with a number of corporate partners in order to participate in virtual employee giving/community engagement events. We have participated in recorded interviews, coffee discussions, and provided brief presentations to encourage both volunteerism and employee giving.