Five Takeaways from the 2020 Annual Meeting

By Kelly Quicksell

New and returning CVC-TC members – corporate, partner, and associate – joined together in February to kick-off a new year at the Annual Meeting. The group reminisced on highlights and successes from 2019, but also drummed up some anticipation of what 2020 will hold. The room was packed, which to me showcases the determination and enthusiasm of this group of professionals when it comes to working together to bring good to our communities both near and far.

Here are five key takeaways from the 2020 CVC Annual Meeting:

• Take advantage of your membership and get involved. This can be done in different ways, such as joining a committee, attending programs and events, sharing your knowledge and expertise, hosting a program, or promoting you company’s volunteer activities.

• The more the merrier. The more corporate members we have a part of CVC, the more associate members we can have a part of CVC. As Mary Smith said at the Annual Meeting, “[we] are all honorary membership committee members”. As you go about your day-to-day work lives, think about who isn’t at our table(s) yet and promote CVC to those who will bring knowledge to share and who want to learn from others.

• Marketing and Communications committee needs blog content. Share the good work that you and your organizations are doing with the rest of CVC. CVC shares exciting information on LinkedIn, Twitter, and the blog, but we can only be active if there is content to share. We are looking for fun activities, job posting, celebrations, interesting topics and trends, etc.  Did you hear? First two individuals to provide Barb Shimshock, marketing communications tri-chair, with blog content will each receive a $5 Caribou gift card!

• Thank you, Dan. Welcome Jamie. The Annual Meeting is also a time when we welcome new leadership and express our gratitude for those that are exiting. Dan Schibel, Global Sustainability Manager at Aveda, was CVC’s fearless leader in 2019 and he passed the torch to Jamie Yanisch, who leads Global Community Relations at Boston Scientific.

• Comcast – along with the rest of us – is excited for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which will be streamed on NBC. Comcast graciously hosted the Annual Meeting in February and provided attendees with some lovely swag that included a coffee mug and Tokyo 2020 pin. Thanks for being such amazing hosts, Comcast!

Although there is no keynote speaker and no informational session, the Annual Meeting continues to be one of the highest attending programs every year. Why? I personally think it’s because the agenda of this specific meeting is to simply gather together in a space with likeminded colleagues and learn about upcoming avenues for professional growth and networks. When it comes to work – that is an easy event to rally around.