MORE THAN A CHAT: CVC-TC’s June Networking Event


On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, CVC-TC members and guests gathered at Sociable Cider Werks for a chance to network and mingle over deliciously brewed cider.

The two-hour event had no technical agenda – an intentional choice that allowed attendees to structure their own conversations and connections. A few networking questions lay spread across the tables, in case a quiet moment arose, however the prompts quickly seemed unnecessary as attendees enthusiastically chatted their way across the room.

One may assume that the large wooden brewery serves as an ideal location for casual conversations, which is true, but what an onlooker might miss is the beneficial impact of these seemingly nonchalant discussions. What may look like a friendly exchange is actually the business-improving swap of best practices and the birth of numerous collaborations.

The networking event was attended by 27 CVC-TC members and 6 guests. Of the 33 attendees, 21 were from the nonprofit sector, while the remaining 11 represented corporations. This nearly 50/50 split between nonprofits and corporations highlights one of the most integral benefits that CVC-TC provides membership, the chance to know one another. This networking event is one of many events offered by CVC-TC, through which employees of both nonprofits and corporations have the opportunity to build true relationship. Here connections are not scared by classic power dynamics, but rather place them aside, allowing two individuals to share a cider on a Wednesday afternoon. This space is where authentic collaboration stirs and shared mission is finally realized.

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Taylor Coffin – Foundation Coordinator, Land O’Lakes Foundation