Our Committees

Awards Luncheon Committee

The Awards Luncheon’s primary purpose is to honor two of our corporate members with CVC-TC’s Innovation Award and MN Employee Engagement Award while highlighting current trends and topics of interest within the field of corporate volunteerism. The Awards Luncheon Committee organizes the submission and judging of award nominees, crafts a relevant program agenda, coordinates event logistics, and secures event sponsors.

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee serves as a resource to enhance the involvement of the organization’s volunteers (principal officers, committee chairs and committee members) in support of CVC-TC’s mission, vision and goals.  The committee assesses current board members’ skills; identifies skills needed; recruits and slates board members and officers’, directs the process of board governance performance evaluation, develops a board learning and development agenda, and develops succession plans for the board.

Marketing/Communications Committee

The Marketing/Communications Committee oversees the development and implementation of CVC-TC’s communications strategy. They enhance communications between the CVC-TC and its members to ensure effective communications with internal and external audiences.  Activities the committee manages include publications (annual report, marketing brochures, etc.), e-communications (e-news, website, e-mail blasts, social media tools), branding, public relations, advertising and other general marketing.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee promotes CVC-TC’s services to the business community in order to generate new members and generate revenue. This committee takes the lead in planning, coordinating, and implementing all aspects of membership outreach for corporate, associate and partner members. This committee evaluates membership dues, services and structure, creates opportunities for diversifying the membership, recommends membership changes as needed, and keeps the board informed of membership issues.

Program Committee

The Program Committee sets program standards and guidelines to ensure quality programs, develops new programs, monitors and assesses existing programs, initiates and guides program evaluations and facilitates discussions about CVC-TC’s program priorities. Activities the committee manages include (but are not limited to), professional development and best practices programs, networking gatherings/opportunities, and receptions.

Special Projects Committee

The Special Projects Committee supports CVC-TC and its other committees on diverse and extraordinary assignments as determined by the CVC-TC board.  The committee has been responsible for creating a membership directory and organizing historical information.