CVC-TC Associate Member Spotlight: The Link


The Link is a Minneapolis-based 501(c)3 nonprofit that works with youth and their families to overcome the impacts of poverty and social injustice. For over 27 years, the agency has served thousands of young people and their families each year who are experiencing homelessness, involved in the juvenile justice system and youth victims of sexual exploitation.

Volunteer are key players in helping youth gain access to supplies and opportunities they would otherwise not have been able to access. The Link was honored to be selected into the CVC-TC in 2018; this partnership allows The Link to collaborate with larger corporations and other community-minded groups to provide essential items and experiences to our youth that The Link could not make possible without their time, talent, and resources.

Volunteers assist The Link with scores of projects that include cooking meals for youth who are experiencing homelessness and food insecurity, packing snack packs, and move-in kits for youth living in poverty, painting, building furniture, and landscaping. A great example of these efforts is the volunteers who assemble dressers for youth moving into new housing. Recently, volunteers from Xcel Energy built dressers for youth and young families in The Link’s housing programs. Because of these volunteers, families are able to unpack and to have a place to keep their belongings. What may feel like small steps to some are actually what makes a place feel like a home to youth who were experiencing homelessness.

The Link is excited to offer the following engagement opportunities that enhance both the lives of volunteers and the youth in our programs:

Social Impact

Volunteer in a fun, social way that has little to no planning for you and has an impact on the youth and families in The Link’s programs. The Link organizes Social Impact opportunities monthly. Sign up to volunteer and make a donation towards the volunteer opportunity with resources like ingredients, kit items, or dollars to make a large collective impact.

Examples: Meal Preps, Kit Building (like Birthday, Outreach, Meal), and Baby Showers



Community Organizer

Self-starters, Community Organizer is for you. Take the lead on impacting the community by organizing volunteer opportunities for your networks with the Link’s online volunteer resource library and organizing a project for yourself or your networks.

Examples: Self organized donation drives, meal preps, blanket making, quarter drives, kit packing and much more.

Volunteer Sponsorship: Interested in hosting a volunteer event for your employees or networks? With a volunteer sponsorship, The Link will organize a volunteer event that aligns with the sponsor’s goals.

The Link loves its volunteers because once they become engaged with The Link, they understand the impact they have on The Link’s youth and programs and they then become advocates and Change Makers for The Link in the community. Being a new Associate member to CVC-TC allows The Link to connect with new networks and communities that are eager to share their resources. We invite you to join us in the work!

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