April CVC-TC Member Profile: Anna Bosak

It’s our mission to advocate, support, and grow workplace volunteerism to improve our community. And the way we do that is through our members.

Our members are the backbone of our organization. And together, we’re working to strengthen volunteer efforts and make positive change a reality.  By sharing some member profiles you’ll get to know each other a bit better and hopefully pick up a few tips or best practices by others just like you.

Name: Anna Bosak

Company: H.B. Fuller

Title: Community Affairs Specialist

How many years have you been at your current company? 2 years

How many years have you been in your role? 2 years

Describe your role at your company and how your work contributes to the success of the company? I support H.B. Fuller’s corporate giving, foundation, and employee volunteerism programs. Giving back to our communities has been part of H.B. Fuller’s culture for over 100 years, and I’m proud to continue engaging employees in supporting our neighbors around the world.

What corporate volunteer best practices would you share with other CVC-TC members? Design flexible volunteer events that work with different employee schedules and needs. Speed volunteering can be best for our manufacturing and customer service staff, while employees in our headquarters office may have more control over their schedules and enjoy long-term or ongoing projects with a higher time commitment.

What advice would you give someone just starting out in the CVC-TC? Take advantage of not just the content offered, but also the networking opportunities. The informational sessions provided throughout the year are a great place to start in terms of learning about best practices and how to build your programs, but connecting with peers doing similar work is incredibly valuable! Many of us are part of very small teams (or are one-person teams), so building a peer network to reach out to is critical.

What motivates you to do good work? I am most motivated when I know that my work is engaging our employees in making a real impact for people in need in our community. I’m never more satisfied than the day after a major volunteer project when I hear employees talking about how rewarding they found the project or what they learned about needs in the community.

Why did you choose your current role or company? I came to H.B. Fuller from a nonprofit, and I knew that if I was going to move to a for-profit, it would need to be a company that genuinely cared about being a strong corporate citizen. As soon as I started to learn about H.B. Fuller and talk with employees, it was clear to me that there is a real commitment and passion for giving back built into the company culture.

Where is your favorite place to volunteer and why? I serve on the board of the White Bear Area Emergency Food Shelf, and I love working with them. Hunger continues to be a serious issue impacting many of our neighbors – the food shelf meets immediate needs for food, but also works to connect neighbors in need to additional supportive resources. Volunteering with the White Bear Area Emergency Food Shelf always makes me feel like I’m making a real difference.

What are three personal, must-have items at your desk? Headphones – I need a good stream of music and podcasts to focus. Calendar – I’m lost without a detailed schedule for the day. Coffee mug – it’s best for everyone if I have a cup of coffee before the first meeting of the day.

What is your most prized possession? A well-worn pair of leather boots that I’ve had for almost 10 years. I’ve traveled the world in them and every time I put them on, I feel like I’m ready for my next adventure!