CVC-TC Corporate Member Spotlight: Liberty Diversified International (LDI)


In 2018 Liberty Diversified International (LDI) turned 100 years old. To celebrate this important milestone, this July a rotating team of employees traveled the country from coast to coast delivering a message of gratitude to our employees, customers and community partners. Through their efforts they highlighted the importance of gratitude: inspiring it and expressing it. They also planted the seeds for a nationwide Gratitude Movement.

Along the route, LDI recognized a variety of unsung heroes ranging from veterans and teachers to truck drivers and refuse haulers. At each official stop, local employees chose nonprofit partners to honor with Gratitude Grants. On several occasions the LDI team worked alongside community members as they dedicated a town gazebo, coached a Little League game and visited with orphans. Those who did not travel on the bus took a virtual ride when they followed the tour via the LDI Gratitude Blog. Each day, readers were treated to stories of inspiration, hope and humor from the road.

To further celebrate this movement, employees, customers and community members have received Boxes of Gratitude throughout the year, each of which included a unique gift and an invitation to embrace gratitude.

The Gratitude Movement begun this summer will continue this fall as LDI volunteers bring Gratitude Education to young people around the country. Using age-specific curriculum, volunteers will teach the importance of gratitude in schools and in the community. Early reviews of the program have been very positive.

“It’s amazing to hear the educators’ responses as they learn about our ‘homegrown’ idea. On the surface, it’s a simple idea; in practice it has the potential to shape generations for decades to come,” explained Camille Pearson Walz, LDI Community Relations. The specially designed Gratitude Education Kits will be available to employees and community members alike as they embark on this extraordinary effort.  By the end of the year, LDI’s goal is to deliver gratitude education to 18,000 children.

To find out how your company can help spread the message of gratitude to young people in your community, contact Camille Pearson Walz at