About Us


The Corporate Volunteerism Council - Twin Cities (CVC-TC) is a professional organization consisting primarily of corporate members that also includes associate nonprofit members—all of whom promote volunteerism throughout the community.

CVC-TC advocates, supports, and grows workplace volunteerism to improve our community.

We do this through networking, professional development programs, and sharing best practices among members. Our associate members serve as a resource to our corporate members on current trends and issues related to volunteerism in our community. In order for nonmembers to promote volunteer opportunities, CVC-TC recommends and endorses affiliation to HandsOn Twin Cities.

Under extreme circumstances (such as a natural disaster or for community and national security) when immediate volunteer mobilization is needed, CVC-TC will promote opportunities directly to our members at the discretion of the CVC-TC board of directors.

Learn more about how the CVC Twin Cities advocates, supports, and grows workplace volunteerism to improve our community.



The answer is yes. It matters that AIDS sufferers can rely on the very best support from volunteers in their communities. It matters that a culture of voluntary parental participation is in place to complement government efforts to improve the quality of local schools. It matters that youth groups get involved in sustainable environmental awareness campaigns. It matters that community members invest volunteer time and skills in helping to develop and strengthen the communities in which we live and work.


Again, the answer is yes. Corporate volunteering recognizes the value of business engaging with people in the community. The benefits for business are many. It improves their reputation, internal culture, productivity and long-term sustainable future in the community. For employees, it improves their professional development, leadership opportunities and morale.

The flow of effects that occur from community interaction through volunteer programs and the possible benefits that may result.