HandsOn Partner Benefits


Local Engagement

HandsOn Twin Cities is the Twin Cities only full service volunteer center that both promotes and facilitates volunteerism while improving the community’s ability to create more impact with the time generously given by volunteers.  We work with all types of volunteers, companies and nonprofit affiliates to ensure that every hour spent in the community is valuable.  Our dynamic community events bring together local nonprofit organizations, highlight the community’s most pressing needs, and equip eager volunteers with the resources to put their passion into action.

HandsOn Twin Cities helps corporate groups strengthen communities and impact social change. We partner with companies of all sizes to engage employees in volunteer community service based upon priorities.  Matching the unique community goals of your company with our massive network of community partners, our expert staff finds the greatest need in the community and creates the highest quality volunteer experience for your employees. HandsOn Twin Cities volunteer events & programs target important community issues such as: hunger and homelessness, youth development, the environment, the digital divide and more.  For companies we ease the burden of busy foundation and corporate relations staff, empowering you and your volunteers to serve the community more efficiently.  We expertly manage individual and group projects from start to finish and help you pick projects and partners that align with your employee interests and corporate goals.  In short, we make it easy for you.

Customized Solutions

HandsOn Twin Cities supports you, your Employee Resource Groups, affinity groups and more to help bridge the gap between volunteer engagement intentions and action.  Whether your company has a strong history of volunteerism or is just forming an engagement strategy, we can equip you with creative solutions, connections and direct services to help elevate and exceed your volunteerism goals.  HandsOn Twin Cities works as an extension of your team, from providing customized referrals to your eager volunteer teams to leading your Week of Service through planning and execution. 

Employees are searching for ways to leverage and grow their skills in Marketing, Operations, IT and more.  Our Skills-Based Challenge model is an adaptable experience tailored to reflect your company’s areas of expertise and allows a realistic time commitment for volunteers to contribute directly with your strategic partners. 

International Connection

HandsOn Twin Cities is an affiliate member of Points Of Light.  If your company has a national or international presence, we would be happy to help connect you to additional resources within our Points of Light network.  Our team provides volunteer experiences for conferences, annual meetings and more.  Call us to see how our Project in a Box can support your goals within and outside of the Twin Cities metro community. 

For more information on the programs offered or if you are interested in working with HandsOn affiliates nationally, visit www.handsontwincities.org.