Membership Benefits


Membership in Corporate Volunteerism Council–Twin Cities (CVC-TC) is money and time well invested. CVC-TC educates and connects our members to advocate for, support, and grow workplace volunteerism to strengthen our community. The Twin Cities chapter is recognized nationally as a leader of corporate volunteerism councils.

CVC-TC is a dynamic organization that makes positive change a reality. We help strengthen our members’ volunteerism efforts by offering a diverse member network, excellent programming, and leadership development opportunities. Through our collaborative programming, we bring nonprofit organizations and corporations together to improve communities.

"We are so fortunate in the Twin Cities to have a culture that values volunteerism as a powerful tool in making our community thrive. We are even luckier that we have the Corporate Volunteerism Council - Twin Cities to help support this culture through facilitating nonprofit and corporate collaboration, learning and networking opportunities .”

– Jenny Moe, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility, Target


Key benefits to joining CVC-TC:

- Exclusive networking across leading corporate and nonprofit volunteer programs
- Personal and professional development through programs and workshops
- Programs that provide tools and resources to enhance new and well-established volunteer programs
- Greater community awareness and recognition of your company’s commitment to volunteerism
- Opportunity to receive free consultation to assess your corporate volunteer program’s strengths and opportunities
-CVC-TC Monthly Newsletter

Easy access to key corporate volunteerism resource organizations:

HandsOn Twin Cities
Propel Nonprofits
Greater Twin Cities United Way

“Participation in the CVC – TC has been of amazing value to HandsOn Twin Cities! Having both the corporate and nonprofit community represented is of significant value for learning. Purposeful programming and networking elevate the work of all participants. CVC – TC is an organization made up of movers and shakers taking volunteerism to a higher level!”

--Tracy Nielsen, Executive Director, HandsOn Twin Cities